They continue to need our help!  

After Hurricane Harvey many families are struggling to put food on the table while trying to rebuild their homes and continue to have a long road ahead. Local food pantries are struggling to keep up with the demand for those who need help. Our program will reach many of our neighbors in need of help now and in the future.



Pay It Forward

​​Current Giving: $2,319

*Last updated 8/17

Giving history receipts available upon request.

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 The Old Barn Homestead 

Donating just $5 helps put nutritious farm eggs and meals on the table for those who are struggling.


Giving with Compassion

Our giving is growing! We are reaching out to local food pantries who need help providing nutritious foods for families by donating farm fresh eggs from our farm, baked breads, fresh vegetables, fresh fruit, non-perishable groceries and full family meals. 

Why support Pay It Forward program? 

A lot of food pantries provide foods that are mainly non-perishable, that have a long shelf life and are easy to store, and that fill the stomach... to stop hunger. These pantries don't always have the funds, space, time, or a good connection to get more nutritious foods like eggs, fresh nutritious baked bread, fresh produce, milk, and the non-perishable groceries that their clients need to stay healthy. A lot of times these pantries get donations of so many cans of the same thing, like jellied cranberry sauce or junk food, that it can't offer what the body needs to survive. A child cannot grow into a healthy productive adult on canned and junk food alone. Can you imagine only eating rice, beans, and canned food? We all deserve to have access to foods that keeps our bodies healthy. Nutritious food means less sickness and fewer trips to the doctor, and that saves everyone money. We help food pantries supply these nutritious foods to keep children and adults healthy.

Monetary gifts are vital because we purchase a lot of food much cheaper than retail so we can purchase more and offer more meals. We have the time to collect canned goods from canned food drives and sort through them, then purchase what's lacking, which helps balance what is given to each food pantry so they can offer a better variety to their clients.

Our program is family operated and owned. We don't have large overhead or a staff of paid employees. We started our program by using our own facilities, land, and supplies. This has allowed us to immediately use the funds thru generous donations, shoppers using the affiliated links on this website, and your purchases thru one of our online stores. This is how we get to donate our farm eggs, help stock pantries with healthy foods, and help provide lots of meals for those in need. 

Another reason to support our program is to help stop animal abuse from large egg factory farms that do not allow their chickens outdoors, or who keep them in small cages all of their lives. The more eggs that come from good free-range farms, the less we support factory farms where they keep chickens in abusive living conditions. We have begun buying more chickens to up our egg production in order to donate more eggs. Our chickens are truly free-range and roam our 12 acres to eat bugs and green grass and follow us around begging for treats. Yes, we spoil our chickens. They are not kept in a pen during the day, and only locked up at night in a spacious coop to roost and sleep, safe from predators. Take a tour of our chicken coop here

Who uses food pantries?

From my research and my experience volunteering at food pantries these are people who don't qualify for SNAP (food stamps) but still have a hard time being able to provide for themselves and their children, or those on the SNAP program but find it doesn't give them enough to make it through the month. Others only come get food when they've had an emergency situation and/or just temporarily need extra help. I've met those who are single parents not making ends meet, some are veterans, homeless, some temporarily out of work, some have had to quit work to take care of a sick loved one full time, and some are senior citizens that live on a very limited budget and depend on food pantries to eat so they can afford to buy their medications.

Years and years ago when my kids were still school age, I suddenly found myself a single mom caring for three children and receiving no child support. I know from experience how hard it can get sometimes balancing between car repairs, clothing, and putting food on the table. Fortunately, I had friends and family that helped us. That's where the pay if forward comes in. You never know when it might be you that needs a little extra help.

Nutritious foods like eggs are important for growing children, for kids to focus in school and for adults to be productive at their job.

Our goal is to provide our farm eggs for families plus fresh produce and more to food pantries in our community. Eggs are a rare commodity at pantries, and if food pantries are fortunate enough to get a few dozen eggs they might have to divide the carton of twelve eggs in half so more families can receive eggs. I can't imagine only getting 6 eggs a month for my family or even bi-weekly. If they get the "day old" bread from a bakery (sometimes it's older then a day) it's usually white bread that has very little nutritional value. Fresh fruits and veggies can be hard to come by too, and that's something we can easily change thru small donations. 

Fresh food is important, but there will always be a need for non-perishable groceries. Good non-perishable foods are a must during emergencies and natural disasters. They are also needed for those who don't have a kitchen, those living in shelters, and for those parents working two jobs who don't have the time to cook every meal. Knowing there is a always going to be a great need for canned food, it's important to keep food pantries stocked. We want to help take some of the load off of volunteers at our local pantries by collecting non-perishables and using monetary gifts to purchase foods requested. This allows them more time to focus on the needs of those who come to their food pantry for help.

​​​We work with our local food pantries to have donations distributed to those in our community.

Some posts on this website contain affiliate links. We may receive a small commission whenever a product is purchased through these links at no extra cost to you. Commissions and donations keep our website running, purchase supplies, and keeps the giving to others flowing with the proceeds from purchases and donations. Purchases and donations through this website are gifts from the heart and are not tax deductible at this time. 

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Help children who live in poverty.

Hurricane Harvey devastated our community and surrounding communities. Some of our local food pantries are low on food but because of your generous giving through donations and purchases, we are able to help several of our local food pantries by donating fresh produce, farm eggs, non-perishable groceries, and 100 meals for those who are now struggling to put food on the table while rebuilding their lives. 

What our Giving with Compassion provides for a child living in poverty:

Medical checkups, which often save lives

Nutritious food

Health and hygiene training

Educational assistance

Access to special services like surgeries and disaster relief

Mentoring to help children discover their incredible value as God’s children

Most important of all, your sponsored child will hear about Jesus Christ and be encouraged to develop a lifelong relationship with God.