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 The Old Barn Homestead 

Hubby did get our garden fenced, which was great! It helps us keep the chickens from eating our veggies. We still share their favorite veggies with them, but this way there's not a chicken bite taken out of each cucumber or squash. 

I have to be honest, the projects that did get done on the farm for 2016 were all my husband David, and hired contractors. So I did a lot of nothin' as far as projects. I really just kept the animals alive and worked on the garden last year.  I did slack a lot on the garden due to going out of town so much and it got away from me. 

The year 2016 is a year I will not forget! We most definitely felt like we had a constant gray cloud over us most of that year. I'm not one that often lets bad situations get me down emotionally but when it's wrapped up all in one year it can drag you down quickly and take away your motivation. However, a lack of motivation wasn't my only problem in 2016. There was also not enough time to stay on track with original planned projects for our farm or my blog.

Our fenced garden is also where we are building our duck sanctuary. I'll be posting a blog with pics about our ducks soon.

Well, 2017 was suppose to be a recharge to get back on track. I got sick in January and could not shake whatever I had. I was sick most of January but felt better by the first of February. In early February I announced this on the Old Barn Homestead Facebook page: 

Good morning everyone! Sorry, we've been somewhat gone from our fb page for a while. We've had a lot going on. We were so busy over the holidays with all the projects around the farm, hubby working a lot, plus trying to finish our house, some traveling to see family. I planned on getting back on here the first of January but then I was sick off and on for most of January and still sick a little (starting to get better now). Busy, busy, etc, etc....Anyway, it feels great to be back! I have lots to share so stay tuned.

I realize I didn't give complete details of "traveling to see family" but that was my effort to keep my FB posts up beat and not dwell on my sad feelings at the time and to get life back to feeling normal.

Just about a week after that FB post, sadly, my brother went into the hospital where we expected him to be treated and released but he passed away only few days later on February 20th at only 48 years of age. My brother passing has been a tough one for me to recover from, but fortunately I draw my strength from God to get through the tough times that life brings me. 

Thomas moved here first with his new job in March and has been living in our guest house. The first week of May, Ashley and our grand-daughter moved here. Their home arrived at the end of April, but we have been in the long process of getting permits for electric meter, clearing land for underground electric wiring to be installed, running pipes from well for their water, all the plumbing, and the septic has to be installed. I never realized how much time and work it takes to get all these things into place when you have to install all the necessities at once. They are anxious to move out of that small guest house and into their new home. The baby is due to arrive at the end of July and they need to get everything into place, but they have been patient taking one day at a time.

Another project that we finally had done was having the foundation poured for the rest of our house. David did plan to put the foundation in himself but projects were getting piled up and he decided to hire a contractor so we can get the rest of our home completed. This May we did hire someone to help frame out the second part of our house and there will be a blog with details and a tour when it's completed. 

There were a few other family situations that arose which I won't bore you with, but they also took a toll on us emotionally that again zapped our motivation. We also had a grand-baby born in March 2016, an out of town grand-baby birthday party, and all the holiday events which were happy events of course, but still kept us busy and out of town. And WOW were those 2016 elections stressful! I don't usually get so involved in politics other than doing my homework during an election year to decide who to vote for, but that was a doozy of an election.

Our Farm Updates with Gray Clouds

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He had built the extension the first of 2016 and so glad he did since we ended up having to go out of town so much. You can read more about our chicken coop extension here

Our year of 2016 sadly started with multiple deaths in our family and a few friends. One family member actually passed away at the very end of 2015 so between that time and June we had four loved ones pass away, plus two friends during those months too. The death of each family member took us out of town each time, which resulted in trying to catch up around the farm each time we returned. Needless to say, the loss of loved ones and friends also brought us down emotionally and somewhat took away our motivation. Some were unexpected deaths and sometimes that's a little tougher to get through, for me anyway.  

In November 2016, my oldest daughter Ashley and her husband Thomas announced they were pregnant with their second child. Of course, we were all excited about this blessed news. They soon decided to make some changes in their lives because their first child is only a year old, and both Ashley and Thomas work. Soooo....they decided to sell their house in Dallas and move a mobile home onto our land. Ashley can now be a stay-at-home mom and get some much needed help from me when their second child is born, since she will have a handful with their first child being only one year old.

May 18, 2017 by Marci LaFavers

Our Happier Farm Updates

I spent a lot of time debating on whether I should explain my long absence of blogging and posting on social media, or just start back up with no explanation. I decided I would be candid about what has been going on in our lives here....the good and the bad.  Don't worry, this blog post won't be a complete downer, but I do want to highlight what's been going on here on The Old Barn Homestead.

We also built a extension onto our chicken coop. David added a fenced yard with extra nest boxes so the chickens will have more room when they have to be inside and aren't able to free range. 

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Well, those are our farm updates. God willing we look forward to getting back on track the rest of this year.

I want to say thank you to our neighbor, Tom, who came by to take care of all our animals each time we had to go out of town even though he lost his sweet wife last year as well. He has been a great neighbor and a great friend.

I also want to thank my devoted and loving husband, David, for all his hard work. He has a full time job plus manages to get all these large projects done and the up keep here on our farm. I am so thankful for everything he does.

Thank you Lord for giving us the strength to continue another day and allowing gray clouds to float away!